Sunday, 19 June 2016

1.5 million gassed at Dachau

Wednesday, 25 May 2016

Every Auschwitz canard in 82 seconds

Uncut footage of a former Auschwitz inmate breaking the world record for telling 
as many "rejected by historians" claims about Auschwitz-Birkenau in 82 seconds.

Wednesday, 23 March 2016

1m Jews killed at Majdanek say Zionist working for the Soviets

Polish delegates to the World Zionist Conference in London, August 1945
the gentleman centre-left with the large grey beard is Dr. Emil Sommerstein.

Dr. Sommerstien was part of the so-called Polish-Soviet Extraordinary Commission for Investigating the Crimes Committed by the Germans in the Majdanek Extermination Camp in Lublin.
On August 30, 1944, just after the commission had published its report, Sommerstien was interviewed by a journalist from the Jewish Telegraphic Agency who subsequently reported that of the 1,500,000 people the Commission claimed were killed at the camp, 1,000,000 of them were Jewish.

Tuesday, 15 March 2016

"These Holocaust deniers are very slick people"

Steven E. Some, currently working in public relations, but in 1996 he was Chairman of the New
Jersey Commission on Holocaust Education, when he famously said at a conference on 'online
hate' at Rider University: Holocaust deniers ... justify everything they say with facts and figures

In Los Angeles, the Simon Wiesenthal Center, named for the famed Nazi hunter, has pressed hard for the shut-down of Internet sites that deny the Holocaust, both in the United States and abroad. But that is a slippery slope, warned Barry Steinhardt of the American Civil Liberties Union which fought the CDA [Communications Decency Act].
"Free speech rights are indivisible. If someone else's free speech rights can be taken away, so can yours," said Steinhardt, who told the audience he lost relatives in Nazi death camps. He described fears of the Internet as overblown — you must search for the bad stuff. "Kids are at greater risk in-line skating than when online."
The purpose of yesterday's sessions, co-sponsored by the New Jersey Commission on Holocaust Education was told help students recognize disinformation and to steer them towards reliable sites so they won't be easily duped. "These Holocaust deniers are very slick people. They justify everything they say with facts and figures. These are not your old, familiar Ku Klux Klan people," explained Steven Some, commission chairman.
"Teens left to ponder Internet right-wingers", by Kevin Coughlin, 
The Star-Ledger, (Newark, NJ), Wednesday, October 23, 1996, p.15.

Wednesday, 9 March 2016

Molotov rubbishes Britain's war aims

Churchill with Molotov and Soviet ambassador Ivan Maisky in the gardens of 10 Downing Street, May 26, 1942

Following is the beginning of Molotov's speech at the Sixth Session of the Supreme Soviet of the U.S.S.R., Moscow, March 30, 1940. It was of course made when the Soviet Union had a non-aggression treaty with Nazi Germany, and some six months after the Soviet invasion of Poland.

Five months have elapsed since the last session of the Supreme Soviet. In this brief interval events have occurred which are of first-rate importance in the development of international relations. It, therefore behoves us at this session of the Supreme Soviet to examine questions relating to our foreign policy. Recent events in international life must be examined first of all in light of the war which broke out in central Europe last autumn. So far there have been no big battles in this war between the Anglo-French bloc and Germany, matters being confined to isolated engagements, chiefly on sea, and also in the air. It is known, however, that the desire for peace expressed by Germany at the end of last year was declined by the Governments of Great Britain and France, and as a result preparations for expansion of the war were further intensified on both sides.
Germany, which has latterly come to unite about 80 million Germans, which has brought certain neighbouring States under her sway, and which has in many respects strengthened her military might, has evidently become a dangerous competitor to the principal imperialist powers of Europe—Great Britain and France. The latter therefore declared war on Germany under the pretext of fulfilling their obligations towards Poland. It is now clearer than ever how far the real aims of the Governments of these Powers are removed from the purpose of defending disintegrated Poland or Czecho-slovakia. This is shown if only by the fact that the Governments of Great Britain and France have proclaimed that their aim in this war is to smash and dismember Germany, although this aim is still being concealed from the masses of the people under cover of slogans of the defence of “democratic” countries and “rights” of small nations.
Inasmuch as the Soviet Union refused to become an abettor of England and France in this imperialist policy towards Germany, their hostility towards the Soviet Union became still more pronounced, vividly showing how profound are the class roots of the hostile policy of the imperialists towards the Socialist State.

V. Molotov et al., Soviet Peace Policy: Four Speeches by V. Molotov, London: Lawrence & Wishart, 1941, pp. 49-50.

Friday, 12 February 2016

Nazi thermitic candy & other such nonsense

Firing a burst of atrocity-propaganda, U.S. Secretary of War Robert Patterson

On Thursday, July 13, 1944, Patterson led a press conference in Washington D.C. during which numerous weapons were shown off to the journalists. Two Army experts in booby trap detection were present to give details of the latest diabolical creations dreamt up by the Germans:
"One was a box of deadly hard candy with thermite centers which the enemy left behind as he retreated in Italy. When first plumped into the mouth of an unsuspecting Allied soldier the candy tasted good. However, when the core was reached the moisture in the soldier's mouth set the thermite on fire—and thermite burns with one of the hottest flames known to man."1

I'm no chemist, and know nothing about thermite or the different types of it, but it requires temperatures upwards of 1200°C to ignite it.2 Whereas the average temperature of saliva in a human mouth is a mere 37°C.
Regardless of the facts, had Nazi thermitic candy been a real thing, in action it might have looked something like this:3

Patterson's booby trap experts also made claims of:
"Another German trick is to replace the liquid soap in common soap dispensers with concentrated sulphuric acid. The hands of many men have been badly burned when he rubbed the powerful acid into his skin.4

"Another gadget is an innocent looking cake of soap which can be used for some time and then, when the out coating is worn away, detonates an explosive to blow off the hands."5

1. The Milwaukee Journal, Thursday, July 13, 1944. The press conference was also reported in numerous other papers.
2. Board of Consultants & Engineers, National Institute for Industrial Research (India),Steel Rolling Technology Handbook, Delhi: Asia Pacific Business Press, 2006, p.20.
3. Gif made from: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n2axFXzRF-U
4. The Milwaukee Journal, Thursday, July 13, 1944.
5. Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, Friday, July 14, 1944.

Thursday, 11 February 2016

Hitler's alleged "Jewish pedigree" in the Osterrrichisches Abendblatt

Below are some front pages of the Österreichisches Abendblatt (Austrian Evening Paper) from July 1933, when it published a series of articles on the supposed Jewish ancestry of Adolf Hitler. 
I republished these not because I think there's any truth in them, but because they are part of the historical record, and the Press did become somewhat obsessed with claims of Hitler being Jewish in the summer of 1933.

Österreichisches Abendblatt, July 12, 1933:

Weltsensation um Hitlers Abstammung!

Verbindung mit Polnaer Judenfamilie — Wiener Greisler aus der
Taborstraße als Verwandter Hitlers — Auszug aus den Kultusgemeinde Polna

Worldwide Sensation over Hitler's Ancestry! 

Connection with Polna [Czech Rep.] Jewish family —  Vienna resident named Greisler of
Tabor Street a relative of Hitler — Extracts from the [Jewish] cultural community of Polna

The caption to the photograph reads: "Das Grabmal der Rosalia Müller, geborenen Hitler (die Familie hieß damals noch Hüttler). Das Grab steht aus dem judischen Friedhof zu Polna." [The gravestone of Rosalia Müller, born Hitler (the family was then still Hüttler). The grave is in the Jewish cemetery of Polna.]

Österreichisches Abendblatt, July 14, 1933:

Sensationelle  Spuren der Juden Hitler in Wien

Ein voller Erfolg unserer Nachforschungen — Gräber auf dem jüdischen
Friedhof — Rosalie Hitlers hebräisches  Kochbuch — Neue Matrikelauszüge
und photographische Belege

Sensational Traces of The Hitler Jews in Vienna

An whole success of our investigations  — graves from the Jewish
cemetery — Rosalie Hitler's Hebrew cookbook — New [Jewish] 
Community register extracts and photographic records

The caption to the photographs reads "Die Gräber der Hitler auf dem Zentralfriedhof (israelitische Abteilung)" [The graves of the Hitlers at the [Vienna] Central Cemetery (Jewish Section)]. 

Österreichisches Abendblatt, July 19, 1933:

Hitlers Judentum notariell bestätigt!

Sensationelles Ergebnis unserer Erhebungen — Direkte Linie
von Polna nach Braunau amtlich bestätigt

Hitler's Jewishness Officially Confirmed!

Sensational outcome of our inquiry - Direct line 
from Polna to Braunau [Hitler's birthplace] officially confirmed

This page also quotes the director of the state museum in Polna as saying "Es gibt kaum einen Juden, der einem so schönen jüdischen Stammbaum hat, wie Adolf Hitler" (There is hardly a Jew who has such a beautiful Jewish pedigree as Adolf Hitler).

German historian Brigitte Hamann wrote in Hitler's Vienna [p.47] about this edition of the paper:
"This time the newspaper published the pedigree of a Jewish Hiedler family in Polna, with a Klara Hitler, born in 1821, married name Pölzl, Braunau, Austria. [...] To be sure, this Jewish Klara would have been no less than seventy-eight years old at the time of Hitler's birth, and the other details would not have fit Hitler's grandmother. In part of the article in smaller print the newspaper backed off, stating that this Jewish Klara was neither Hitler's mother nor grandmother, but a close relative of the grandmother—which was false as well."

These and other 1933 editions of the Osterrrichisches Abendblatt can be viewed here:

The then-editor of the Osterrrichisches Abendblatt was Janos Békessy, 
later: Hans Habe, (1911 - 1977), who was himself of Jewish ancestry: